Natural Skincare to fight Acne


... Or how the adventure of "Pureskincosmetics by Lexagirl" began.



A favourite hobby of my daughter Lilly Alexandra is: Beauty! When she's surfing the Internet, she's on numerous beauty blogs and relevant YouTube channels.



But we were stuggeling to find a good natural skincare line that did without the usual suspects:

  • Mineral oil, PEGs, Parabenes (only to name the most popular potential harmful ingredients)


In fact, it is more important than ever for me as a mother that my children use skincare products without harmful ingredients.

I don't want chemistry in my own creams, lotions or make-up and I certainly don´t want to find them in my daughter's skin care products.


And even though the concept of "Natural Skincare" was basically invented in Germany, we had a hard time to find a series of natural cosmetics specially adapted to the needs of acne prone skin.


I was anything but satisfied with the existing offer.

But the decisive impulse to change things was still missing - for that it needed the initiative of my daughter.


At one of our regular running sessions she said to me: "When I grow up, Mom, I want to live in Los Angeles and have my own beauty brand."


My first thought was: Good that there is still some time until then. 

But this was the birth of Pureskincosmetics by Lexagirl.



Lexagirl and the adventure of natural cosmetics 


At that time, I had just finished my life as an equity fund manager and was looking for a new challenge.


And even though my own teenage years with skin problems are several years behind me :-) I can very well remember sayings like:

 "You look like a crumble cake." 


And due to my daughters skin problems it was obvious for us to develop natural cosmetics that specifically addresses the problem of impure skin.


A dedicated skin care line for girls and women with skin impurities such as acne, pimples, blackheads and other acne related problems.

And of course this "Anti-Acne Solution" should be effective only with natural ingredients according to the highest german standards.



Persistence and multitasking


I found an established, certified natural cosmetics producer whom I could win for my idea to help developing a "All natural Acne Solution"


Germ load tests, safety assessments, notifications - these and other requirements had to be met by our Lexagirl products.



While I took care of production, logo, online shop, dermatological tests and more, Lilly helped  with the practical tests and contributed her know-how in social media. 





Skin care and acne control - independent of age 


The final results are our "Pureskincosmetics" products, whose natural active ingredients make a dream team for clean skin.


Since the launch in 2015, our products have not only helped Lilly but thousands of women and men to win the fight against pimples and Co. the natural way.


Meanwhile women of all ages are among our customers and we are happy (and also a bit proud) to be able to support many girls and women on their way to healthy and clean skin.


And did me mention: Pureskincosmetics by Lexagirl is 100% MADE IN GERMANY all the way through.