Zinc oxide cream to fight acne - the shortcut to clean skin

You have blemished skin and want to know why a zinc oxide cream is so effective against pimples and acne?


If you need effective and fast help against zits then read on.


We will tell you why zinc-based creams, ointments or pastes are so effective in calming inflammation and healing all types of acne prone skin.

How does zinc ointment work on the pimple? Drying out is welcome!



The active ingredient a zinc cream is based on is mainly zinc oxide

Zinc oxide based creams or ointments have always been a proven " home" remedies for acne.


It is the special healing characteristics that make zinc oxide a powerful help in fighting blemishes and zits.

  • If zinc oxide comes into contact with moisture, such as wound fluid, sebum or pus, water-soluble zinc salts are formed.

Not only do you thoroughly dry out the skin lesion.

They also develop an astringent effect.


It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities and supports the wound healing process.

Both important characteristics when a pimple is exposed to serious inflammation.